Jan Walleczek (Phenoscience Laboratories, Berlin) is a guest editor of a Special Issue of Entropy, together with Gerhard Grössing (AINS, Vienna), Paavo Pylkkänen (University of Helsinki, Helsinki), and Basil Hiley (University College, London).

The title of the Special Issue is Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Perspectives. The collection of selected special-issue contributions will also be published as a printed book in fall 2018. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2018.


The EmQM17David Bohm Centennial Symposium at the University of London, October 26-28, 2017 (EmQM17), was co-organized by Phenoscience Laboratories. „Towards Ontology of Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious Agent“ was the title of the 2017 edition of the EmQM symposium series. Go to www.emqm17.org for the speakers and the scientific program. Videos of all speaker presentations are also available on the EmQM17 website.

Visit #EmQM17 for photos and live commentary during the symposium concerning selected speaker contributions and important symposium announcements.


A publication from Phenoscience Laboratories that continues to receive many downloads is: Walleczek, J. and Grössing, G. (2016) Nonlocal Quantum Information Transfer Without Superluminal Signalling and Communication. Found. Phys. 46, 1208–1228. Open-access download.