Video Media

Metascience 2019 Symposium: The Emerging Field of Research on the Scientific Process

Counterfactual Meta-Experimentation and the Limits of Science: 100 Years of Parapsychology as a Control Group


Conference Opening


EmQM17 – Emergent Quantum Mechanics

Towards Ontology Of Quantum Mechanics And The Conscious Agent


Nonlocality Or Local Retrocausality? – The Non-Signalling Theorem In Ontological Quantum Mechanics


EmQM15 – Emergent Quantum Mechanics

Free Will Theorems in Nonlocal Information Transfer Without Nonlocal Communication // Download abstract


Is the World Local or Nonlocal? – Towards an Emergent Quantum Mechanics 80 Years after EPR // Download presentation


EmQM13 – Emergent Quantum Mechanics

Does Epistemic Non-Signalling Ensure the “Peaceful Coexistence” of Special Relativity and Quantum Nonlocality? // Download abstract


Opening Speech – The Future of Quantum Mechanics // Download meeting overview