The Metascience 2019 Symposium at Stanford University, September 05-08, 2019, was co-organized by Phenoscience Laboratories. „Metascience 2019: The Emerging Field of Research on the Scientific Process“ served as a formative meeting for metascience as a discipline. Click here for the speakers, panellists, poster presenters, and the scientific program.


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Walleczek, J.,  Grössing, G., Pylkkänen, P. and Hiley, B. (Eds.)  (2019) Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Perspectives. MDPI Press, Basel, Switzerland. The collection of 32 special-issue contributions (544 pages) is available as a free download and as a printed copy here.


The EmQM17David Bohm Centennial Symposium at the University of London, October 26-28, 2017 (EmQM17), was co-organized by Phenoscience Laboratories. „Towards Ontology of Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious Agent“ was the title of the 2017 edition of the EmQM symposium series. Click here for the speakers and the scientific program. Videos of all speaker presentations are also available on the EmQM17 website.

Visit #EmQM17 for photos and live commentary during the symposium concerning selected speaker contributions.